I'm Dean aka Varmint, gamer of 30 years, programmer, animator, sound engineer and mix master for KrabbitWorld.

Over the years I've played many games.. First time I ever created a Varmint character was in 1981 in Might and Magic 1. My characters consisted of Varmint, Teella, Drake and Cleria. Since then I've always re-created these characters in pretty much any game I've ever played.
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For along time I used to draw Varmint in many mini comics which can probably still be found in my old high school math books :P

Some other games where these characters have existed. Unfortunately I don't have my old Might and Magic character screens. :(

ShadowBane - Varmint

Sims 2 - Teella

Guild Wars - Teella

City of Villians - Teella

ShadowBane - Teella

Fable 2 - Teella

So it seemed only fitting when making a game, to put these characters into the game we were making.

Some people have asked me were I got my nick name from, and I've always said my mom and they of course would laugh, thinking of a mother nick naming their son Varmint. :P Well I just never told the whole story, it did come from my mom, but it's origin is from a poster she got when when visiting Disneyland as child :D Which can be seen in the poster to the right above.

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