KWO AD The new advanced demo and how we came to the decision. It started with our regular business meeting by walking around the block.

What went wrong?

- Teri Thom

Dean had been wracking his brain trying to think how to make our demo better. We were getting terrabytes of demo downloads but not enough for decent conversion.

Frustration was mounting. Marketing on a zero budget is hard enough without your efforts falling painfully short of getting the point across. What was wrong with our current demo? So we talked about it and realized we had catered to the beginner, the casual gamer and even the indie developer of casual games because those were the communities we had been relying on for feedback.

Big mistake. True, the built in tutorial is great for new gamers but we missed the point. Our target market, the people we have designed this game for, the seasoned, hard core gamer, don't get to see anything deep or exciting about the game. So why should it hold their interest? KrabbitWorld Origins is about the characters, the Krabbits. The glimpse you get in the current demo falls grievously short.

Awesomely, I get to take credit for the direction KWO Advanced Demo has taken. :) It hit me, as we walked and talked. We need an advanced demo with basic instructions. Throw the players in front of the bus so to speak. Give them the excitement of playing a high level character, uber equipped, fully charged spells, customized with personality, deep in combat, yet provide easy and obvious instructions between the interactive segments.

Dean loved it. It had been so obvious, staring us in the face, yet we missed it. He then came up with telling the story with cut scenes preceding each interactive segment. Wouldn't take too many custom animations. We had so much already in place we could use. We're almost done. On the last scene, the last final tweaks. Can't wait to release. It's such a smashing success we're going to integrate the gameplay into the game. Extend it.

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