Creativity can be very draining.

We all love to dream, day dream, think big. And most of us love being creative. One thing we've found doing a project of this size, is being creative all the time can be very draining. And more so when it's something new, for me it's while doing these cut scenes.

To figure out each scene Teri and I discuss it, map it out. Figure out the story we want to tell in each one and how it hooks together. We even map out what happens at each stage and she helps me to get an idea for the initial camera angles. However as soon as implementation starts and I begin setting up the scene, first thing I have to do is set the first intro camera. It has to be exciting, it has to set the premise for the rest of the scene and capture the player. This is a new ability to me and takes some trial and error.

I've watched a lot of cut scenes, anime, movies, etc. I try to learn by watching those how to cut the camera angles. How long each piece should be. And most importantly how to tell a story. I play, replay, watch and finally when I'm happy with it, I move onto the next piece. I try to string a few pieces together to get a flow and feeling going. Timing it to music, key events going off to make it more dramatic. Once it's started then Teri comes in as director to see if it fits. If things linger too long or if something feels like it's missing.

I really enjoy this creative process. It's a lot of fun and a great way to express oneself. But doing it all the time can get very draining. When I feel like this, I try to watch movie, one that pulls me out of this world and into it's. We've been finding alot of foreign horror films especially can do this. Like Dead Snow, Thirst, The Abandoned, Night Watch / Day Watch, Let the Right One In, and The Host to name a few. Great films! I think we watched Dead Snow 2 or three times. Best comedy we've seen in ages is My Life in Ruins, that was just great!! Really makes me want to go to Greece.

How ever when you don't have time to take a break there are a few things I use to trug my way through it.

1) Go for walk
2) Put the mechanics of each piece together. (Setup each actor and what they need to do)
3) Go through the motions of making the scene. (Just get any old camera angle setup)
4) Listen the music for each scene over and over.
5) Watch what you have done a few times over.
6) Take a shower.

Usually by the time I've done all these steps the creatively starts to flow again and one can get the best out of each scene.

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