Warning, this page contains spoilers. If you find yourself stuck or looking for a place to start then you're in the right place.

Previous - Tutorial 4Quest 1 - Beast Realm
This is the graveyard.

Cleria is here at a rez shrine in case you get defeated.

On your mini map are a bunch of purple dots.

Each dot is a group of Shadows.

You must defeat all the groups before you can retrieve the Light Realm Krystal.
Fight your way through the graveyard.

When you get attacked you'll be loaded into a Battle Theatre.
As soon as you get attacked you will be transported to a Battle Theatre.

When the lights and outside ring flash red, there are enemies in the theatre with you.

Prepare to fight.
Once you have defeated the Shadows, the lights and outside ring start to flash blue and the music returns to normal.

You can exit the theatre at any time by running to the outside ring and jumping into it.
The Light Realm Krystal is in the Tree of the Dead in the middle of the graveyard. (The one with Ka's face on it)
Once all Shadows have been defeated return the Light Realm Krystal to your SpellForge.

Congratulations you have finished the tutorial.

Now all the characters are unlocked and you will be automatically loaded into the New Krabbit menu.

Choose a Kid if you want to repeat the tutorial.

If you are ready, choose an Adult Krabbit, customize them and enter KrabbitWorld.