• 6 Playable Krabbits each with unique weapon and
   ultimate power

• Customize your Krabbit's colors and attire any time at the
   dye vendor

• Hire any of 5 henchmen to assist you clearing the lands
   of the Necrotechs

• Build your stats as you gain XP and enhance them with
   acquired items

• Hone your combo hud skills to maximize damage

• Use dash attacks and combat magic jump and multishoot for
   aerial combat

• Change game mode at any time by visiting the in-game
   bulletin board

• Choose Battle Mode: Arcade, Versus, Team or Survival

• New Mouse-Lock/Unlock feature allows click to fight option

• Return to Adobe with magic ruby slippers

• Click map area for instant travel
System Requirements

• Intel Mac or Windows recommended

• Mac OS X 10.4 or later / Windows XP or Vista

• NVIDIA 7600+ (8600+ recommended) or ATI Radeon 4670+
   Video Card

• 2.4 GHZ processor or better

• 1 Gig RAM minimum

• 1 Gig free hard drive space to install and play

• 1024x768 minimum resolution

• 2 button mouse

• *Internet connection required to play
   (for authentication purposes and streaming quest content)*


• To load missing mobs in Krystal Kaverns quest, exit at save
   point then re-enter.

• Windows users experiencing performance issues must Force
   OpenGL (see our support forum)

KWO is a Gothic-fantasy game, light on RPG and heavy on Action. Play any of 6 Krabbits with powers enhanced by your Realm of Origin as you collect Tomes, SpellForge Krystals, magic and elemental items. Resurrect in battle to resume combat or at safe distance at the Shrine.

Battle the many classes of fearsome Necrotechs as you travel through the Shade Forest, Krystal Kaverns and The Land of The Dead. Combine furious hack n' slash combat with customizable characters and play in Story Mode or Battle Mode, kicking butt in your chosen style.

Master the color-coded combo-hud to achieve maximum damage during combat. Become adept at melee dash-attacks. Attack flying mobs with jump & shoot multi-shot using combat magic. Use super jump and super speed scribes to zoom along mountain tops.

Rotate around your Krabbit, during action and rest times alike, with the advanced character and camera controls. Switch from controlling yourself to controlling your henchman with a click of a button.

PDF manual and in-game tutorial available.
This is a creative game built on and focusing on colour. Players are encouraged to experiment with dying their krabbits in every way, to their hearts content, with the ability to affect emotion by design with colour. KrabbitWorld Origins features an original and unique colour engine.

The combat system is very engaging and original. The melee combat uses a combo hud system that can enhance your damage and experience immensely, once mastered.

Another very kool feature is the ability to transfer your Krabbits from an earlier version to a newer version or from a laptop to a desktop PC. Simply copy your krabbits.kdf file from one version to the other. You may re-install a new version over an older one and still retain your your already levelled Krabbits.

Multiplay is postponed until ported to our new game engine. This is NOT an MMO. We're using zones and smaller maps than typical MMO's. It's more like a Gamespy system, but in 3D.

KrabbitWorld Origins mouse overs and instructions are in 12 different languages!

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