In the beginning, Ra, the force of life & light and Ka, the force of darkness & death clashed and joined giving birth to KrabbitWorld, the seed of life.

In all, there are 8 Realms of existence; the Land of the Dead existing concurrently with KrabbitWorld.

From KrabbitWorld came the Realm of Light and from the Realm of Light came the Realm of Dreams where imagination has no limit and the Realm of Contrivance where innovation, wisdom, science and magic once existed in harmony.

KrabbitWorld also spawned the Realm of Darkness which in turn gave birth to both the savage, primitive Beast Realm, and the Solar Realm; realm of myth and man.
The Realm of Contrivance opposed the adoption of the Ka-Ra as the Holy Symbol of existence. The Great Guardian War ensued; a war of resounding devastion and destruction. From it’s ashes rose the Necrotech Order.

The KrabbitWorld Guardians won the war but at great cost. The Realm of Contrivance was sealed and Kria, our reluctant hero must protect the key.

Teella's ill fated accident on a quest to rediscover the lore of Realms caused her to fall from grace. Becoming Kria's arch nemesis, her goal is to retrieve the key and control the Necrotechs who are using the Land of the Dead portal to invade KrabbitWorld.


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